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5 Reasons You May Want To Review That Will!

5 reasons you may want to review that Will!


To check it is valid. Has it been signed and witnessed? Often I seen clients that have used a solicitor, paid for the Will, and have only been left with a draft, thinking it’s a valid Will. If you have married or remarried since making your Will, the previous Will is invalid.

Changes in circumstances and family

Not every Will is flexible enough to cope with changes. Have you mentioned specific property? Do you still own that property? Personal circumstances change: marriage, separation, and divorce. Family may come into our lives and leave our lives, for lots of reasons, births, deaths and marriages being an example.

Does it still reflect your wishes?

More importantly, does it reflect what you are telling family that it does? If not, you need to align the two, so as to avoid family disputes after your demise.

Tax planning

Wills were often created in ways to take advantage of the Inheritance rules at the time. The rules have changed. Is your Will written to take advantage of the current tax rules?


Are the executors you chose still the people that you want to act? If not you need to update your Will.

If you are not sure about your Will or it contains trusts that you don’t understand, Will You Ltd can review your Will free of charge providing you with an A4 page report so you can consider whether there is any need to update your Will.

Do make sure if you have any life assurances that they are put in trust if relevant and for pension funds you have completed a trust form or a Nomination of Beneficiary form. These can be just as important as your Will. Once again we can help you review these items as part of our service alongside your financial adviser.