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COVID-19 Where Do We Go From Here?

COVID-19 Where do we go from here?

Lockdown has eased for most of us, just for now. But what have we learnt about preparedness?

On a national level we now have many teams working on a vaccine, we have the Nightingale hospitals mothballed for now but ready if needed.

On a personal level, we considered a plan if someone in our family or group had to self-isolate or was infected. But for most of us now those worries have passed.

This is an ideal time to consider your Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney. Coronavirus has highlighted that we are mortal and all mortals eventually fail.

I am not going to talk about the subtle interactions between hospitalisation, coronavirus and a Lasting Power of Attorney, but needless to say your Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney would come into play if you lost mental capacity, such as an induced coma. If you have a Property & Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney in place, it can mean your financial affairs can be managed in your absence if you wish, even though you may have full mental capacity.

You can make in advance a hospitalisation plan if required for coronavirus.

It is always advisable to write a Will while you are well. You don’t know when you will fall ill or die. There is not always time to make last minute plans, nor the inclination to do any of this when you are ill.

So before things get chaotic again and we get too busy to act, please take some time out to check your position.