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You really must have a Will because your partner is likely to end up with nothing. The Laws of Intestacy were enacted in 1925 when the concept of living together was not known.   Under the Laws of Intestacy, if you have no children then if your parents are alive they will benefit from your estate. Failing them it will be brothers and sisters, failing them half-brothers or half-sisters, failing them grandparents, failing them uncles, aunts, or potentially their children. If that doesn’t meet with any success your estate will pass to the CROWN (HM Government).

Other points

Your partner can end up with nothing at all. If you co-own a property with your partner they may end up co-owning it with your parents, or your brother or sister! More information What about your funeral ? No wishes expressed, maybe no financial provision Your estate will be handled by a person you did not choose and a professional will charge your estate for costs and expenses Your estate will almost certainly take longer to conclude Writing a Will lets your loved ones and others know you cared enough to sort things out in advance.

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