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Whether you are a Financial Adviser, Accountant or other professional, we welcome the fact that you are really taking a holistic interest in your clients.

Firstly you should meet us face to face and we can establish an agreement between us.

Benefits to You

  • Your client sees you as a Centre of Influence.
  • Re-engaging your clients with your business
  • Potential source of new clients
  • Potential source of new business
  • Increase your offer to clients
  • Increases your professionalism

Benefits to your Clients

You may have been in business long enough to see some clients in an unfortunate position because important documents were not in place. The widow who’s husband died without a Will. The children who’s parents never put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney who are now trying to help their parents with finances, dealing with the expensive and lengthy legal process to establish deputyship.

We would want you to introduce clients us to avoid extra hardship at a time when families face theses difficulties and at the same time you can feel proud to have acted in advance before problems arise.


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