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Irreversible Change

Irreversible change

Enter the New World..

Coronavirus has thrown the world into turmoil. Things simply aren’t what they used to be. In the small microcosm of legal services some business activity will change forever. Our business has been based on face-to-face advice since inception but we have decided to move permanently to video conferencing and telephone meetings almost without exception.


We have been considering doing this for some time and the pandemic means that we no longer feel extraordinary. We are part of a movement towards a cleaner future. President Macron believes that people having experienced clean air, will not tolerate reverting back to polluted air with all the health problems that that brings.

This will bring criticism and we may loose some clients and introducers only to gain others that agree with our principles.

The benefits to the client are:

You still get the interaction that a meeting provides with the same professional advice. Your documents can be produced quicker and more efficiently. You can breath fresher air without a vehicle polluting your environment.

Benefits to our business are :

We do not waste time driving long distances, and we can deal with clients further afield. We save on fuel costs. We do not predict any downturn in our business, in fact, new use of technology will put us at a competitive advantage.

So there it is…

I hope you can see that this action is genuinely beneficial for all of us. Wishing you all the very best at this time, and hope for good things to come.