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Frequently asked Questions

Teenage Students Raising Hands

If you have some questions of you own, call us on 01798 850057


What are your hours for appointments?


We will generally come out in the evenings, as well as during the day. The meeting will last approximately an hour.

What if my situation is really complex?

Rest assured, we can deal with very complex Wills and if there is anything that is genuinely beyond our scope we will let you know and refer you to an appropriate professional that can advise you.


Surely its cheaper to use an internet service?

It also sounds logical. But sometimes we don't appreciate the value of advice. Remember we are dealing with your life’s work here. Based on our conversation you may turn your ideas around and it can save your family at lot of trouble or thousands in Inheritance Tax. Spend pennies if you wish, but your family or beneficiaries may spend pounds sorting out the problems later.

WH Smith Will Pack?

There really is a lot of reading and study involved to read the notes and the net result is often that it ends up in a drawer not done. We have spoken to many people about this and there is always a nagging feeling that they haven’t got it right. Solicitors love Will kits because they are involved in sorting out the problems that they can create at the end of the day, some of which can go to the High Court. A good deal more expensive and acrimonious than doing it correctly in the first place.

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