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Single Will

A will for a single person.

Mirror Wills

Wills for a couple, with wishes largely reflecting each other.

Will Trusts and Life Tenancies

There are a range of different types of trusts that can be used to save Inheritance Tax in certain situations and protect assets from others. A life tenancy can be created in your Will to give someone the right to occupy a property that you own.

Document Security

Through our partners Kings Court Trust Ltd we are able to offer a Lifetime Document storage facility.  An additional benefit is we are able to check the signed Wills or documents for any problems when they are returned to us.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A document that appoints an Attorney or Attorneys to act in the event of you being unable to act as the result of mental incapacity. Eg. coma, dementia etc.

Advance Directive (Living Will)

A document that can be used to direct medical practitioners as to how you are treated in the last stages of your life. This document is normally lodged with your GP.

Digital Will

A document that you keep for your executors, that details your online accounts and how they are to be dealt with after your demise.

Shareholder Agreements

A document that determines the shareholders rights and responsibilities and how the company should be run in certain circumstances such as death or illness, signed and agreed by all parties.

Partnership Agreements

A document that determines the outcome for a partnership in the event of certain circumstances also covering events such as death or illness, signed and agreed by all parties.

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