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Meet Donald


Estate Planner and Professional Will Writer

My name is Donald Reevely and I am the founder and sole director of Will You Ltd.

I have had many years as a financial adviser and Practice Principal dealing with investment and tax planning. I then started Will You Ltd in 2007 and haven't looked back. I really enjoy meeting people and helping them plan ahead with Wills and powers of attorney, I also relish all the technical aspects, most of the time! 

About the business..

Will You Ltd has been successfully operating now for over 15 years, effectively covering all England & Wales. We are a member of the TAS network who are a national network of independent Will Writing businesses in the UK. Will You Ltd are members of the Society of Will Writers and abide by their Code of Conduct and we carry professional indemnity cover at the recommended level. Although the Laws of Intestacy have been recently updated, the original legislation dates back to the 1920s and as such takes no account of the realities of modern life such as divorce, partners living together, and fragmented families. One thing that hasn’t changed is the natural desire to protect our loved ones.Will You Ltd is committed to ensuring those that need Wills are given the opportunity to act.

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